Half Bulk Bag – Kiln Dried Firewood Logs

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  • Supplied in a Half Bulk Bag 70cm x 70cm x 70cm
  • For the immediate burning on all wood burning devices
  • Kiln-dried logs ensure the ultimate clean combustion with maximum heat emission

Kiln dried firewood logs are popular because of their consistently low humidity, which makes them an efficient way to heat your home. Kiln-dried logs can give off up to three times more heat than seasoned logs and burn cleaner, reducing problems in stove and flues.

This product can have an estimated lead time of up to 5 working days.

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Kiln-dried logs offer you the ultimate firing quality with maximum heat emission. The kiln drying process in our wood stoves removes most of the water for you down to an average moisture content of less than 25%. Burning kiln-dried logs will ensure that your stove glass is kept clean and that soot or tar does not build up in your chimney or flue. Because they give off so much heat, you actually need fewer kiln dried logs than if you were to buy seasoned logs and offer you value for money. Kiln dried logs also give you a consistent product that you can rely on every time, unlike “seasoned logs” which moisture levels can be inconsistent due to the natural and varied drying process. The standard length of 25cm (9.8 Inches) of kiln-dried logs is recommended by stove manufacturers for 99% of wood or multi-fuel ovens.

Bag Size Half Bulk Bag 0.7m3
Log Size: 25cm (standard)
Origin: West Yorkshire – UK
Log Length: 25cm (9 ¾”) (Standard length)
Estimated Lead Time: 1 working day


What are kiln dried logs?

This is firewood that has been force-dried in a kiln and has not dried naturally (Seasoned). We aim to bring the logs to a moisture content of below 20%, which is necessary for optimal combustion.

The amount of time it takes to dry logs can vary depending on the drying system used. However, in our kiln (Set to around 70°C), it usually takes around 7 days.


How do we store kiln dried logs?

Once our logs are removed from the Kiln, they are moved to our purpose built log store keeping them dry and away from rain (The best place to store Kiln dried logs).


Where should I store my firewood logs?

Avoid damp storage areas. The best location would be a log store, but your garage would be suitable as long as the logs have adequate airflow. Although we wouldn’t recommend it, you can store the kiln-dried logs in the bags the logs are delivered in. But we would reccomend covering them with a tarpaulin/plastic sheet as the bags are showerproof and not waterproof.


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